Collection: Robert Lococo - The Birdy Bunch

An off-the-wall show that continues a story of playful curiosity. (Featuring art that is both on and off the walls).

Inspired by movies like The Aristocats and The Jungle Book I hope to build a Narrative with cooky and curious creatures that reflect us in ways realism can’t. The world is bigger than just birds, thus, I have opened the floodgates and introduced a few new friends of fancy.  The potential is endless, so please, engage your inner child:  Laugh, giggle, and roll your eyes as you walk through my newest Show: The Birdy Bunch.


Robert has had the pleasure of pursuing art his entire life.  He graduated from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and jumped right into a career in art fairs.  His inability to sit still for very long has led to a wide range of mediums, including: bronze, concrete, wood, oil paint, acrylic, watercolor, and spray paint.  Eventually the draw of friends and family brought him back to Colorado Springs as he continues to sub for art classes of old mentors and pursue art.