Collection: Patricia Coughlin

We are living in times of stark contrast and polarity.  During this period of Covid isolation, my creativity has been unleashed and reflects the contrast between light and dark; opaque and transparent; rigidity and fluidity; interior and exterior. There are layers to peel and surprises to discover. What is hidden and what is revealed?   

This is work I couldn't have created as a younger woman, when I thought it was possible to plan and control life. Mid life (and crises such as those we have all experienced in 2020) teaches us that such notions are folly.  Rather than resist this reality, I have embraced the uncertainly and uncontrollability in life, and approached it with spontaneity- discovering happy mistakes and delightful synchronies along the way.  

This slower time has afforded me the luxury of reconnecting with childlike awe and unselfconsciousness. Can you see the joy of the 4 year old in the 69 year old I am today?   Each medium and surface has unique qualities. I love the fluidity and unpredictability of watercolor and acrylic, and the luminosity of oil. 

I am located in Colorado - a beautiful place with an inspiring landscape.  I am a Clinical Psychologist, speaker, writer and artist!  Each area of interest informs the others and, in all endeavors, I  dive deep in order to discover what lies beneath.   If my work speaks to you, please feel free to contact me.