Collection: Seeing, Into and Beyond

A collection of works by Lisa Wallace Deen

This show is like a collection of essays. While there are commonalities, each artwork speaks to a particular moment in time. The work addresses the complexities of life as I search for and try to reveal beauty and transformation. The journey is hard. The natural world and our physical bodies are battered by the struggle to survive. But there is something beyond physical matter. I hope here you find glory, nostalgia, struggle, humor, and transcendence.

Lisa Wallace Deen was born in Stockton California in 1970. Within a couple years, her parents moved their young family to Colorado. Lisa grew up in the quiet eastern plains of newly built suburban Aurora occupying herself by drawing in the backyard. Family vacations involved camping and hiking until her family upgraded to a modest cabin. By the end of high school, Lisa had established herself as an artist and musician, heading to college to pursue both. The time-consuming pursuits of studying music and art at St. Olaf College took a toll, and Lisa found emotional and financial stability working various office jobs in her 20s. Continuing to produce art while working and singing with Opera Colorado, Lisa entered graduate school to pursue a Master’s degree in visual art which she completed in 2001 and held her first solo exhibition at the Catwalk Gallery in Denver.

In 1999 she met Michael Deen, married, and moved to Santa Barbara, California for his work. After a few years they returned to Colorado to start a family and had twin sons. During the years of raising her sons, Lisa taught art at a charter school and Pikes Peak State College. She enjoyed interaction with students, working in all different mediums and challenging others to pursue depth and meaning in their work. In 2022, she started a women’s artist critique group. Solo exhibitions include the Laurel Justice Gallery, The Modbo, and Kreuser Gallery. Her work has been exhibited in Minnesota, Colorado, California, Oregon and New Mexico. She now works full time in her studio in Manitou Springs.

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