Collection: Pam Holnback

Art and creativity have been Pam’s passions since childhood. Born in Chicago, and raised in Illinois and New Jersey, she began art lessons while in kindergarten. She was fortunate to have grown up in a home where creativity was part of the every day life. Her love of art continued and ultimately led to a college major in Art Education.

During and after college Pam spent six years studying, traveling and teaching overseas. These travels led her to spend two years each in Europe, the Mid East and South America. During her twenty eight years of teaching, her love of travel often found itself integrated into her art units and lessons.  Now, many of the treasures purchased on past trips find themselves as subject matter in still lifes. 

Coming from a valuable art education background, now, as an oil painter, she realizes that the years of teaching art and talking daily about the principles of art and elements of design are basic in the initial drawing and development of each painting, whether still life, landscape, animal or figure. Pam’s love of the out-of-doors and the west is expressed in her many landscapes. Done both plein air, locally and while traveling, and in the studio these landscapes show her enjoyment and awareness of her surroundings. Her many still lifes of her inherited and purchased treasures, and her paintings done in her garden, additionally show her love of her environment.

Pam has been juried into many local, state and national exhibitions.  She is a member of Plein Air Artists Colorado, The American Impressionist Society, Women Artists of the West, and Oil Painters of America.  Pam has studied with Lorenzo Chavez, Skip Whitcomb, Kathy Anderson, Jill Carver, Peggi Kroll-Roberts, Michael Klein, Natalie Italiano, Carol Marine, Studio Incamminati, Martha Mans and Nelson Shanks.

Pam’s goal as an oil painter is to allow the viewer to see and to share her love of her environment, whether it be her garden, her home, or her time spent outside near and far. Each painting is done with loose, spontaneous brushwork and expresses the light and color that she sees. She is a lifelong learner and continues to take art classes and workshops. It is after all, all about the journey, whether through traveling or painting. Pam lives with her husband, Peter, in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Their two children have grown and moved out. But, that allows them additional reasons (if any are needed) to continue to pursue her passion of painting and their passion of travel.

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