Collection: Lelia Davis

Using bold color, energetic brushstrokes and palette knife, Lelia Davis paints the magnificent landscapes of Colorado and beyond.

Lelia graduated from Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas in 1998 where she studied Art and Biology. Rock climbing in the beautiful Hill Country on weekends allowed me to photograph the scenery as inspiration for my paintings. I also taught mural painting and art for a local non-profit providing after school activities for children and families of Southern San Antonio. As a result, my art became infused with the colors and culture of the region.

Combining art with my background in biology and interest in environmental conservation, the focus of my work is to depict endangered land and their fragile ecosystems. I donate a percentage of my sales to the preservation of these sites through non-profits and foundations dedicated to conservation. To date, these include Colorado Open Lands, the Palmer Land Trust, and the Coalition of the Upper South Platte.

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