Collection: Deb Komitor

My paintings create windows to the natural world and express my spiritual connection to nature.

Nature provides multiple metaphors for how we live our lives. My work shows the complimentary of opposites, the calm and the chaos, the joy and the sadness, the dark and the light, but always hope.  My vision is to awaken in people the awe, wonder, and healing powers of a walk in the woods. I paint what I’ve loved since childhood — tall trees, fallen trees, creeks and trails that weave through and around them, and sometimes the creatures of the forest.

Through large scale paintings, the viewer is placed inside the experience. You feel the energy of the subject through each brush stroke. The paintings don’t just draw you in; they come out and get you. They engage you to enter and experience the strength, peace, hope, joy, and calmness of nature.

Ohio-born, Deb attended Columbus College of Art and Design, where she earned a BFA in painting, and a MFA in painting at Colorado State University. Over her 40 + year career she has exhibited in numerous galleries, art centers and museums around the country, has her work in many public and private collections and received national recognition in multiple arts publications.

Deb and her husband Steve have made Colorado Springs home since 1997. They are currently custodians of a 100+ year old silver maple in the front yard of a cottage built in 1898 near downtown. Nearby, the large ancient cottonwoods along the creek of Shooks Run Trail, call for walks with Zoey and Willow by their side. 


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