Collection: Tylan Troyer

"My work is about capturing often overlooked and fleeting moments, thoughts, and visions defined by the honesty of line. I attempt to represent the mysteries of the conscious and subconscious and its interaction with the environment; through the use of color and form, creating an emotional connection to the viewer. I seek to excavate and display that which is hidden beneath the surface."

Born in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Tylan has studied many different visual mediums in drawing, painting, and sculpture both at the university level as well as commercially. Some of his earliest exercises were drawing moving animals and people. Interest in live subject matter has continued throughout his career. Appreciation for capturing light, led to landscape painting and working in plein air.

Urban industrial scenes, railroads, and power-lines are frequent themes in his work. His style has been described as, "Living non-biological street visions - unstoppable freedom with a fresh approach to tradition." His versatile body of work comes from a belief that practicing many mediums and styles collectively enhance each piece and help effectively convey his imagination and vision onto various surfaces.