Collection: Tish Lacy Reed

The first observation of this body of work inherently explains the title of my show as it relates to the literal translation of the surface and how the texture is graphically apparent. However I encourage you to look beyond this literal concept to a more empirical feeling. I hope it evokes a deeper observation and experience for each individual.

There is a definite “Urban” feel to this work. And part of my goal is to embrace the movement in society that encompasses the more sustainable neighborhood which is an Urban design model. This 21st century Urban reform theory moves away from the typical suburban development towards a more continental city lifestyle. Not unlike communal living but within a culturally diverse concept to include reducing a negative environmental impact. This will improve infrastructures and provide resources in a more efficient way for future population growth.

My goal is for the viewer to take a more critical view of social and cultural issues. These works also evoke a graffiti feel that was once considered a rebellious, defiant and controversial art movement. By bringing graffiti into a museum or gallery venue it feeds into this new “Urban” feel and is now considered Fine Art. We might also consider the concept of “Life above the streets” and a growing issue of homelessness and finding a resolution to this ever growing problem.

Oil/Cold Wax medium offers me the ability to incorporate and evoke the emotions on a social level while still delivering fine art. The saying that “Good artwork does not match your couch” is one of my favorite sayings as I feel artwork that you bring into your environment should match “You” not necessarily your design esthetic. Hopefully this show will help to fulfill that desire while still making you think a bit deeper into these issues that will need resolution hopefully sooner than later.