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Brad Legg: The Invitation Series
20% of all proceeds will be donated to Springs Rescue Mission.

Born in Colorado Springs in 1968, Brad has always called the Front Range of Colorado home. His formal training is in the fields of education and music, but to say that he is self-taught as a photographer would be inaccurate. Along his life’s journey, he has had many mentors and has studied the work of other photographers and artists in order to inspire and inform his own creativity and increase his technical skills. His pieces have been shown in a growing number of galleries and art centers. His work has received various awards. Since the beginning of his life in the Colorado woods, he has always taken photographs. From his journeys to Africa and Europe to his travels across the United States, he has always had a camera with him. His eclectic body of work reveals him as a generalist intent upon exploring the expanse of the world of creativity. Never wanting to box in his work within any kind of categorization, he allows himself the freedom to pursue a variety of styles and subjects.

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