Collection: Sun Salute

New Works by Lisa Fabiano

“This new series of works on paper is a humble salute to freedom in creative expression and to our radiant powerful Sun.”

Lisa Fabiano is a painter, born and raised in southeastern Pennsylvania, living in Colorado since 1982. After attending UCCS as a Philosophy major, she decided to satisfy her long-held desire to study art and learn to paint.
Fabiano is a self-directed and primarily self-taught artist, studying and creating art for over 25 years.
Although she has training and experience with conventional European-style drawing and painting, Lisa’s main focus and passion is non-objective and abstract art. She describes her work as color-centric abstraction with philosophical and metaphysical undertones, and says she is most interested in creative freedom and positive expression. Lisa’s work has been shown in numerous solo and group exhibitions,
including at G44 Gallery, Kreuser Gallery, and at the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center.

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