Collection: Shannon Mello "Equilibrium"

My subject is the earth...the ground, water, rocks, and all of the textures included. I try to find ways of bringing the outside in. The benefits of being outside are undeniable, and I cannot imagine painting anything else. I hope to encourage and create this connection which does so much to benefit the soul. I use encaustic (beeswax and resin) to create the majority of these works. Encaustic gives a luminous and layered finish and is composed of natural materials in itself. The encaustic paint is melted with a torch, ebbing and flowing, and creating a natural dance on the panels. Working with encaustic, there needs to be a surrender to imperfections. Just as in nature, beauty is imperfect. I hope to create for those who connect with my work. I hope that those who connect with my work can feel their essence within my paintings.

Shannon Mello

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