Collection: Lupita Carrasco

Lupita Carrasco was born an artist.
At the age of four she was already pouring out dreams and ideas onto paper. Drawing felt like the only thing she had control over. Lupita grew up an only child, raised by her mother who suffered from severe mental illness. During Lupita's early years she was periodically shuffled between her home in San Diego and family in Michoacan and Watsonville, when her mother's chaos became unbearable. Art in many forms was a much needed coping mechanism for her tumultuous upbringing.

Lupita's vibrant Mexican culture and traditional Roman Catholic upbringing command a strong presence in her work. Her paintings are as rich in emotion as they are in color and detail. Lupita's creative process reflects her lifelong compulsion to investigate and merge the images and themes that surround her and live in her imagination.
Over the years Lupita has continued adapting to life's growing responsibilities, such as taking over full-time care of her mother at the age of 24 and raising a growing family. The arduous task of caring for a sick parent coupled with raising six children is a daily challenge. Through it all Lupita has remained passionate and dedicated to her art, always seeking out new knowledge from other artists and experimenting with a variety of mediums and techniques to better express her emotions and views on the human experience.

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