Collection: Lisa Fabiano

Lisa Fabiano is a visual artist born and raised in southeastern Pennsylvania, now based in Colorado for over 40 years. She studied Philosophy at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, leaving there to follow her long-held dream of learning to draw and paint.  She has been creating and sharing her unique and vibrant artwork for over 25 years.

Lisa describes her artistic focus as color-centric abstraction with philosophical, psychological, and metaphysical undertones.   She conveys her perceptual experiences of time and place through abstract art, finding creative inspiration via contemplation, cultural studies, and material engagement.  Until recently she primarily worked in oils, but now includes a broader spectrum of media in her creative repertoire.  

Lisa's work has been exhibited in many solo and group shows, including but not limited to, at Auric Gallery (f/k/a G44 Gallery, and Kreuser Gallery) and at Cottonwood Center for the Arts.  Her work has also been exhibited and sold at the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center (n/k/a The Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center at Colorado College).

Lisa Fabiano Website - A Glimpse of Infinity Artist Talk