Collection: Judith Marie - Cloudy Thoughts

I have been a cloud watcher all my life. I delight in clouds, projecting my imagination beyond my reach to a faraway place and floating with them. I see various emotions in clouds. A pure blue sky needs the added interest of a few clouds floating by. I especially like towering thunderheads and the following drama of a looming rainstorm with roiling thick gray and black clouds pierced by lightning or dropping a tornado. Often in my art works, there is humor and whimsy, even sentimentality or nonsense. There can be metaphors for more serious content, or not. An ongoing theme in my art is exploring the nature and meaning of safety and security as opposed to vulnerability and risk. I choose to work in many media: drawing, painting, printmaking, shadow boxes, and ceramic and cast resin sculpture. I let the image or subject I envision as an art work determine which medium will best express its message.