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“Portrait Lab” by Erin Jones
Painter and printmaker, Erin Jones, reunites with her hometown arts community for the first time in two years with her solo portrait exhibition, “Portrait Lab”. In the series, Jones calls upon individuals from her daily life in order to carry out a deep investigation of portraits past. Her exploration spans historical innovations in portraiture from as recent as impressionism to as old as the ancient Fayum portraits of Egypt. The work aims to expose the intricate forms and color structures of the human figure, while also surfacing the personalities and emotional landscapes of her subjects.

Erin Jones is native to Colorado Springs and currently lives in Denver, Colorado. Her love of visual art was recognized in early childhood and fostered into adulthood through several community arts organizations. In 2011, she began studying internationally at the Aegean Center for the Fine Arts in Italy and Greece and has returned intermittently on four separate occasions to continue studying classical painting, printmaking, drawing, and art history. You can see select paintings and prints from her most recent Summer course studies on display in “Portrait Lab”. Please visit for full gallery.

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