Collection: Audrey Gray

Each of my paintings is made of natural materials – primarily earth, sand, and mica, along with occasional sticks and/or other natural ephemera. All of my colors are real earth that I have gathered myself from various places, mainly throughout the Southwest.
The goals of my work are to cultivate connection with the earth, and to create a transformative experience, both in myself and in others. If we have no relationship or bonding with the earth – the actual stuff of it – and see no beauty in it, there is no will to save it. Only by recognizing WHAT we live on and appreciating and loving it, will we be motivated to take steps to preserve it for ourselves, future generations, and the creatures we share it with. And I believe that truly good art, rather than simply expressing a clever idea, does create a transformative experience for the artist during its creation and for the audience as they view it. I keep these two goals in mind as I work, and constantly strive towards fulfilling them.

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