Collection: Ashley Andersen

Ashley Andersen’s interdisciplinary practice is centered around conversations of the spiritual language of the ordinary; sitting at the intersection of domesticity and spirituality. Often using various mediums to understand how the temporal nature of materials and constructed conditions can communicate something transcendent. By examining the memory and spiritual language housed within materials through my site-specific installations I try to open up a dialogue between the present and the ignored or forgotten past. These immersive experiences respond poetically to the presence of abandoned domestic sites, while my sculptures encourage introspection and awareness of both pain and spirituality. Placing the materials of the ordinary into the formal tradition of minimalism allows for a conversation of the spiritual impetus of the human condition to crystalize. When this minimal language is placed in entropic spaces the relationship between the temporal and transcendent is amplified. This relationship applies to all of my work and performances. Since pain reminds us of our humanness and the temporality of our bodies, it is both the perfect cognitive and somatic jumping-off point to explore the relationship between temporalities and constants, physicality and transcendence. Regardless of the medium and method my desire is to hold a space where the viewer can feel opened up to the poetics of the world. Those moments where the divine whispers to us within the ordinary.

Ashley Andersen Website - Artist Talk on A View From My Bed