Collection: April Dawes

April Dawes was born in Oklahoma in 1977. She discovered her aptitude for drawing and painting at a young age and became focused on a career as an artist. She went on to study painting and graphic design at the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma and received her BFA in 1999. In the years following, April worked professionally as a graphic designer and commission artist until the birth of her first child in 2003. Like everything that she is passionate about, April threw her whole self into raising her three amazing kids; including homeschooling each of them. She considers their love for learning, kind hearts and confident individuality to be among her greatest accomplishments- that, and successfully teaching them math! Although art was not the central focus of her life at this time, it was never far from her thoughts. Following this nearly twelve-year break, April has returned to painting with a renewed sense of purpose and passion. After spending a few years refining her technique and style, she is now focused on cultivating her artistic voice and developing a strong, expressive body of work.

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