Collection: Tracy Kuonen

Tracy Kuonen is passionate about the process of abstract painting. She expresses her love of color and mark making boldly while allowing her intuition to guide her through a painting. Although a theme or idea will inspire a work or a series of works, the formal aspect of the painting is mostly intuitive. Working in this way allows for the freedom to push through boundaries of the mundane and create something extraordinary and sublime, “I like a painting to surprise me and give me something to look at and ponder that I have never seen before.” Tracy feels that there is an abundance of interesting subject matter to paint about. She enjoys researching and creating in reference to past and current events, mythology, nature, philosophy, science, and spirituality.

Tracy has a BFA from John Herron School of Art, Indiana Purdue University where she majored in painting. She also studied drawing and painting at Hunan Normal University in Changsha, China. Tracy has been exhibiting her paintings since 2004 and currently lives and works as a full-time studio artist in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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