Collection: The Art of Healing - Sam Ken

A Journey of Hope and Reflection

On September 22, 2022, I was struck by a car while riding my motorcycle. I felt a vast array emotions after the accident. Physical pain and mental anguish were unwanted companions for months after my accident. I was not able to paint or create for what felt like an eternity, but I chose to stay positive despite feelings of despair and melancholy. Facing this challenge with hope and determination was instrumental in my healing process.  

It took about 3 months before I felt comfortable enough to pick up a brush again, and the first things I painted were oranges. I was drawn to the color orange because of how it represents energy and positivity. I also saw a parallel between an orange and the human body, in how both share a fragility of flesh and life. Painting a bag of oranges sparked my need to capture various moments of my journey towards healing and recuperation. I carefully selected the color palette for each piece to represent what I was feeling. Every piece represents a specific emotion or moment, and the various colors and visuals tell my story of pain and resilience.

My recovery is long and on-going, but it gave me time to reflect upon myself and what was important to me. It is human nature to seek connection, and, since my accident, I have felt more connected to people more than ever. Every hug, thought, and prayer spoke volumes to me. I found comfort in people, and I found healing in creating.

This collection of work demonstrates how art has the power to heal, and is meant to give hope to those who may also be going through something, whether a physical injury, a difficult time, or anything in between. Shared joy and shared pain are key elements to connecting with another human being.

 Hope can be found in the littlest things and the simplest gestures.