Collection: Sarah Wright - Pathways, Energies, and Rhythms

Exploring and connecting with the natural world is a way for me to connect with myself. This body of work is a reflection of that exploration and my observations of the beautiful, mountainous landscape of the southwest. Using line, color, and texture, I translate that connection into abstract paintings which, as a result, resemble a stained glass window or a view through a kaleidoscope. I have felt the energy of waterfalls, while at the same time, observed the way water has created a pathway through stone or a canyon. The walls of the canyons are left with thousands of years of layers, revealing a unique pattern and rhythm. While trekking through the mountains and canyons at different times of the day, I have taken in the atmosphere and colors of the landscape. All of these observations I have collected and studied are now expressed in this body of work. Just like each place has its own energy and vibrancy, each painting reflects the feelings I have while exploring that area and the impression it has made on me.

- Sarah Wright

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