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Robert Lococo is a graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and a full time artist in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He began his art career at the age of twelve as the youngest member of the High Country Artist Association, and student of watercolor under renowned artist, Herman Raymond. Robert’s passion grew through high school, and led him to pursue a Bachelors of Fine Arts at SAIC. The diverse curriculum there allowed him to explore new possibilities in art, working with materials such as ceramics, metal, fiber, and oil paint, and notably, to develop a special love for woodworking.

After college, Robert remained in Chicago, focusing on his art, and trekking through the lush landscapes outside the city with his camera. A dedicated boy scout in his youth, an appreciation for the outdoors had always been a part of his life, and he found it easy to fall in love with the Midwest’s forests and Lake Michigan’s green shores. It was through studies of plant life, lichen, moss, and roots, that he became fascinated with the birds that appeared in those places. As he captured them in photographs, he realized their movement, expressiveness, and beauty was a joy to paint, and allowed him to blend the portraiture training of his youth, with his interest in natural and dynamic subjects. Birds are fun to paint because they share so many characteristics with us, Lococo explains. “For instance, people laugh when they see one bird squawking at another because it reminds them of their relationship with their brother or sister… or husband.”

Capturing the expressive nature of birds has encouraged Lococo to work in a broad range of mediums, from traditional watercolors, to bronze sculpture, to three dimensional oil paintings on board. His love for woodworking and blending sculpture and paint processes has led him to craft each one of his canvases from wood.

Working as a traveling artist allows Robert to document new landscapes and birds, and his unique interpretation of wildlife is appreciated by people at art shows and galleries all across the country. He was awarded “Best in Show” at the Tempe Arts Festival in 2018, and has shown in the Katie Gingras Gallery in Wisconsin, Kinderhook Tap and the Bridgeport Art Center in Chicago, and is a featured artist at the One Of A Kind Art Show in 2021.

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