Collection: Release of the Trammels

A new exhibit of works by Don Goede

Release of the Trammels is my coming out of the mental health closet art exhibit. It will be filled with a small fraction of neurotic and anxiety riddled artwork and what I have deemed therapeutic manifestations of the Hypomanic variety. With the exception of a few pieces, it is work that I am finally finishing after 30+ years. I hope to curtail an unhealthy attitude that if I don't finish art I don't have to deal with selling, sharing, or distributing it.

Donald Herbert Goede (III) aka Don Goede is primarily an art director, curator, publisher, research and development director, entrepreneur, business owner, artist, singer/songwriter, producer, and musician. BUT NOT NECESSARILY IN ANY ORDER. He somehow pulls it all together to hobble together a living. He is also recently tackling his BiPolar II aka Hypomania by re-evaluating his life goals and priorities. He is also considering medication.