Collection: Pairoscopes

An invitation to participate in an abstract photographic collaboration.

For me, Pairoscopes are a departure - a stepping off from the work I’m known to share.
My work usually holds tightly to an experientialism and narrates a community, chronology or concept. Our most recent pandemic spit us out in un-explored directions. Paths that were new to navigate. Some of us managed better than others. Each experience was wholly unique. Of course, some thrived in the unknown new of Covid-19. Others found themselves comfortable, almost thankful, in their status quo. Pairoscopes were born - unintentionally - as an attachment to order and awareness. When facing the freshness of a brand new landscape we are greeted with decisions. Decisions regarding direction, intent and expectation. As a creative, I was longing for community. The kind of community that fosters interaction, commentary, sharing and exploration. Like so many others, I found myself walking the good dirt and looking for the familiarity of exploration that comes with a stroll in the woods. I was looking for a peace to help calm the anxiety that comes with any unknown. Pairoscopes are the things we often overlook. Things that exist in our world to amaze those who make the time to observe and absorb. Sometimes these things are birthed in nature and would exist if we walked past them, or not. Other times, they’re a product of our own hands. They are a gift of the earth to me. A gift of community. No matter the origin, these Pairoscopes are intended to provide an opportunity for the curious to collaborate and communicate with order and symmetry - to see some of the things I know and offer them to those open to share in the experience of creation.