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“I am inspired by wild nature with its mix of light, color, and shapes. Rooted into this world of inter-dependency and interconnections, art expresses my whole self. Exploring elements of personal perception, place, and presence in the moment, my work merges the world of dreams and shadows, connecting inner and outer into a whole. I also connect with my environment as a bike commuter and with a sustainable lifestyle.”
A mixed media painter, Claar's artwork may include watercolor, acrylic, encaustic, collage, cold wax, photography and pastel. Simplification of shapes to their essential elements is a core component of his style, connecting the viewer emotionally with the delicate web of life.
From government employee to business owner, Claar's long painting career has benefited from his variety of experiences and extensive national and international travel. He has been a wilderness guide, bicycle guide, ski instructor, carpenter, commercial photographer, and published poet. Through his art, Claar promotes non-profits who value the environment, arts, and community. An avid cyclist, in addition to his abstract, impressionistic paintings, Nard is widely known for his energetic bicycle paintings.
Claar has studied art in workshops and academic settings. He teaches classes and provides demonstrations here and abroad, most recently during his month-long artist residency with artist partner Sheary Clough Suiter in Listowel, Ireland.

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