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Moxie: New Paintings by Carol Dickerson

I love solo artist shows. They allow the viewer to feel the work of an artist in a singular way, to get a sense of the shifting nuances from piece to piece. But it takes nerve to put a body of creative work out in the world for all to see. It takes moxie.

It takes moxie to show up in the studio every day and commit to exploring new territory. I never know what will happen. My work is purely abstract—there are no references to recognizable subjects. I begin paintings with lines, splashes of color, handwriting, or texture, and then respond to the marks, colors, or shapes according to what pleases me. I try new tools and materials just to see what effects they might create. Every day is a new challenge, deciding what to keep and what to push into the background, deciding when a painting is done. Some of these paintings are raw and energetic, revealing my initial gestures and wild first marks. Others are quieter studies of form and composition. A few of them I worked over many times, seeking a resolution.

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