Collection: Meghan Wilbar - Trinity

Trinity is a series of works created in sets of three to reflect both the strength and fragility of our fleeting moments of time. For the past six months, I’ve been drawing from three separate locations along Highway 96. Through the repetition of drawing the same landscape, I’m connecting past moments of time, place and experience. From each location, I’m drawing in my car with a pencil and an assortment of papers facing west with the subtle shift from north to south. It’s a process of careful looking and deciding what story gets told through the lens of shifting impermanence. I take the culmination of moments spent in the landscape and recreate the dance of abstraction with paint. Color, form and imagery create space that is both solid and ephemeral. The sets of three become brief histories of moments constantly shifting, reorganizing to reveal the underlying structure and essence in the landscape.

-Meghan Wilbar

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