Collection: Meghan Wilbar - Night Fall, Fallen

As the clouds shift and change the landscape, I’ve been watching and drawing. I’m drawing the intimate story that exists by looking into the vastness of the open road and selecting the story through torn paper and drawn line. During the days of staying close to home, I’ve been drawing in my car with a pencil and an assortment of papers. It’s a process of careful looking and deciding what story gets told through the lens of shifting impermanence. During the pandemic,

the uncertainty and isolation led to a new series of work depicting the roads that lead into an unknown future. Concentrating on a 5 mile stretch of Highway 96, I’ve returned to walk, draw and absorb the change of form and color at the point where day becomes night. I take the culmination of moments spent in the landscape and recreate the dance of abstraction with drips, drabs and layers of paint. Color, form and imagery create space that is both solid and ephemeral. Just as the clouds form and dissipate, my work reflects both the strength and fragility of our fleeting moments of time.

-Meghan Wilbar

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