Collection: Meghan Wilbar - In the Meantime

In the Meantime is an exhibit of drawings and paintings exploring the quiet and powerful in-between moments in our natural world. This series explores the moments spent in nature during our everyday lives. It includes the landscape from the same street facing opposite directions and the natural formations in the land. It is finding those tiny moments of surprise. As the clouds shift and change the landscape, I’ve been watching and drawing.  By drawing from the landscape, I’m confronted with solace and surprise. The natural world holds the key to abstraction through the dance between colliding forms and the interchange of negative and positive space, light and color. I take the culmination of moments spent in the landscape and recreate the dance of abstraction with drips, drabs and layers of paint. Color, form and imagery create space that is both solid and ephemeral. Just as the clouds form and dissipate, my work reflects both the strength and fragility of our fleeting moments of time.