Collection: Lori DiPasquale - Redefine

This body of work came about by choosing my word of the year for 2024, a practice I do yearly to set intention and focus for what I hope the new year will bring. I want to redefine many things in my life… the stories I tell myself that hold me back, the limiting narratives that no longer serve me, beliefs embedded from countless years and societal pressures…it’s a big ask! 

Redefining art feels more natural, as art is by nature ever evolving and changing. This opportunity to Redefine excites me!  

I look back at older work and often do not see myself in it anymore. The process of covering up images, remembering the stories and emotions felt when they were created has been liberating and healing. With my paint I redefine the canvas, play with the surface and infuse into my work a more authentic self-expression of who I am now.   
If only one could paint over the chatter and limiting beliefs in one’s mind!  This show had been a beautiful expression, representation of the work and hope to Redefine.