Collection: Lindsay Goss - Self-Study

Metaphors in the Shadows


Self-Study represents the process of embracing individual expression and the beauty that solitude can manifest when learning to build security within oneself. The metaphors of these shadow self-portraits symbolize moments of transformation through embodiment and practicing somatic movement. Lindsay feels this collection of work reflects on the growth that accompanies us when we allow an all-encompassing love into our lives; when we choose to trust ourselves and become familiar with the waves of our grief. It is in these late nights, while casting moving shadows on the walls of her studio, that Lindsay welcomes freedom of expression in the spirit of autonomy. 


These studies are a glimpse into a wider scheme of concepts and projects that Lindsay hopes to pursue further in her career as an artist. 


Lindsay was born in Springfield, Missouri, and moved to Colorado Springs, Colorado in 2016. Alongside her work as an artist, she is a singer-songwriter under the project name, Elle Jones. She is currently pursuing her master’s degree in communication at The University of Colorado Colorado Springs.