Collection: Life in a Garden with Gods

Joseph Liberti

…finding spirit and joy in everyday nature

I am an artist, musician and bonafide treehugger. I create uplifting art inspired by the everyday nature of Colorado. My goal as an artist is to invite my viewer into a moment of engagement with the sublime.

As soon as I became old enough I would leave my home walk two blocks from Walnut St to Park Avenue, cross the ball park and be in “the woods.” I was not afraid. I immediately felt relaxed and at home. I spent my days hiking alone through the woods, and sitting by the creek or under a tree (I never met a tree I didn’t love.) for hours. I still hike daily but now it is through Garden Of The Gods, a park very close to my home where I find my inspiration. A composition often begins when I am drawn to something while on my daily hike through “The Garden”. Sometimes it is a light or a dry leaf or shape or scene that i catch out of a the corner of my eye. I work to capture the energy and emotion of my experience with a photo. Back in my studio I develop the photo, tease out the essence and interact with my digital creation using computer, tablet and software. I improvise with colors shapes and lighting using overlays, paint and texture. I sometimes add digital elements such photos, drawings, patterns textures and effects.

When I am enjoying my most creative space the art takes over and I move rapidly from element to element improvising as I go When complete, I have my work printed on paper, canvas or metal and framed. Outdoors I tend to look at nature with “soft eyes” to “grock” the whole or the gestalt of the scene and then let whole of the the parts speak to me.

My creations are more soft than sharp and are typically abstract expressions of my experience. In the studio I tend to create a dreamy effect of that whole that is compelling yet easy to step into and be part of. My deep and tender love of nature helps me see, touch and appreciate the gentle magic that is there. Those who enjoy my art say they have that experience too.

Not long ago I participated in a seminar series for artists. One of the questions the facilitator asked us was,” What do you want to have happen to your art?” My immediate response was, “I want my art to be used!” And … after considering the idea further… I became more clear: “I want my art to be used by the viewer, as often as they may, to enter into a moment of engagement with the sublime.” Joseph Liberti

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