Collection: Home

A collection of works by Valerie Lloyd

“Home” is a visual record of both the intentional and unintentional beauty found in simple settings. A half empty mug, a curated shelf, a carefully arranged vase of flowers, a forgotten pile of laundry, an unmade bed: all of these small moments are markers of the people who last interacted with them. In the end these items are all just things, but they are things that mark who we are, nurture our privacy, and the place we find rest. These works attempt to communicate the human longing deep within to exist simply as ourselves, marked by the place in which we live.

Valerie Lloyd paints with both acrylic and oil on canvas and wood panel.
She enjoys depicting still lifes into modern and simplified images, creating abstract paintings, and occasional works in an illustrative style. Her focus is more on the subjective aspects than the objective. All three styles are often inspired by personal spiritual and metaphorical exploration. Valerie has remained a creative throughout her life, whether it be in her own work at home, as an art teacher to students of all ages, or commissioned design projects. She currently owns Surface Gallery and acts as as the curator its monthly shows, and also manages the shared studio and creative

business offices in The Sluice. She has a Bachelors of Arts and Education from Colorado State University. She strives to always inspire those around her in their creative endeavors and truly believes in the power of art to transform culture.