Collection: Greg Johnson - Perceptual Closure

Greg Johnson is a Colorado Springs artist who works days as a designer for RTA Architects and works nights as a painter. Acrylic paint poured on canvas has become his medium of choice. Allowing his paint to flow freely gives the paint its freedom to contribute to the overall expressions on the canvas.

Greg’s technique and style is distilled from 30 years of professional fine art, graphic design, architecture, and life experience. Abstract to representational, his paintings explore composition, depth, and texture through a wide range of imagery and color.

Viewed up close and from a distance, Greg’s paintings involve the viewer on multiple levels. Up close one is enveloped in detail, texture, and a microcosm of abstract woven color. From a distance these gestural dribbles coalesce as a united expression.


“Painting is a bridge; it allows me to participate physically with my imagination.”

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