Collection: Ghosts in the Blood

This is a show about me - Chelsea. It is quite possibly also a show about you. After all, as humans, we are more alike than not. These works are a journey through examination and consideration of my own selfhood and experiences, interpreted through themes of nostalgia, societal and personal expectation, neurodivergence, death, and whimsy.

As individual as these subjects may seem, they exist for me in an ever-present swirl of motion; one arm an incandescent murmuration of spectre and color, eclipsing all others, replaced in an instant by the next as they move through a nebulous conscience; my constant companion.

Chelsea Boucher is a mostly abstract, multi-disciplinary artist who has shown work in Colorado Springs galleries for over thirteen years. She is also involved in theatre, as Director of Development for Counterweight Theatre Lab, and has Properties Designer credits from work with CTL, Theatreworks at the Ent Center for the Arts, Theatre d'Art, and most recently Colorado College's production of "Silent Sky" by Lauren Gunderson. A member of True North Art Gallery, and curator of their inaugural show in April 2023, she is also co-owner/curator of The Space, a curation project seen downtown from 2020-2022, continuing now on Instagram.

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