Collection: Expressive Brushstrokes

The inspiration behind these works comes from Making marks; one of my favorite things about being an artist.
This award winning artist paints horses against the backdrop of her scenic home state of Colorado. When her kids were younger she photographed them and their fellow contestants competing in rodeo. She painted them on their horses displaying the partnership between horse and rider, reminiscent of the Old West. Tammy enjoys painting horses competing at their finest, while her current focus is painting wild horses in their natural environment and capturing their natural, graceful beauty, the detail of their muscle, and their swishing tails. She enjoys continuing to learn from these beautiful animals and also provides classes to students. The artist is currently working in watercolor and oil.

Tammy is a Signature Member of the Pikes Peak Watercolor Society and the Colorado Watercolor Society, having been accepted into several National Watercolor Exhibitions. Visit Tammy in her art studio, located in the Michael Garman Building. The Second Floor Studio Artists, Studio A, by appointment.

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