Collection: Essence

Lelia Davis & Shannon Dunn

Essence is defined as “the intrinsic nature or indispensable quality of something”
Directly speaking, it’s that feeling that tugs at your soul when your energy connects with another. When the late afternoon sunlight filters through the forest and ignites your inner fire, your own essence. That moment when nature connects with nature.
Each of us has a unique essence just waiting to emerge. Just waiting for us to be still enough to give it a voice. Because our essence is created at the moment we become life, we are born with everything we need. Like the seed of a water lily, we too unfold just as we were meant to be. A metamorphosis occurs in all beings, but its true nature is scripted from the beginning.
Appearances change, but like the cells that unite to create a caterpillar, it’s true essence remains unaltered even as it morphs into a butterfly. It requires the stillness of a chrysalis to bring forth its voice. This is the voice that communes with that of another, the one that tugs at our soul, igniting our essence within.

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