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An Exploration of Life’s Peculiarities by Bonnie Anthony

Earthlings are perpetually under construction, making wrong turns, redirecting, and seeking alternate routes. As a self-proclaimed Detourist, I enjoy using metaphor to compare life’s experiences with artmaking. Layers of paint and texture, linework, color and composition all represent scars and consequences. Mixed media painting with oil and cold wax or acrylic and collage are favored ways of communicating humor and personality.

Fueled by nature and travel and seeking more freedom in creating art, my path and passions were redirected from graphic design and botanical illustration to the challenges of problem solving through abstract painting. I feel this has made me a more enthusiastic and bolder painter and human.

Become a Detourist.

Bonnie and Bill Anthony live and laugh in Black Forest, Colorado enjoying family, raising cattle, scuba diving and world travel.

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