Collection: Deb Prewitt - Storylines

I have this fascination with how we become who we are, how we define ourselves. Our lives are built on stories. The stories we tell ourselves, the stories we tell others, the stories we never tell. The way our lives are made out of layers and layers. The stories being created out of the people we meet, the places we live or visit, our families and friends, our dreams and ideas, all the many experiences we have (both good and bad) and how all those many things combine and connect to create the people we are. Each part is important and even if some of those parts are hidden away, they still have value in making us who we are.

So too with Art. The act of creating is built upon all those parts, those many layers, the details and bits and pieces that go in to creating our work. Even when the layers are covered up and hidden away, they help to build what is to come and the piece won’t be the same without that hidden layer. I love how the art work just continues to grow and change, just like we do as people.

The correlation between life and art is fascinating and is one of the things that drives me to create.