Collection: Colors, Grease, and Wait-eh

The unusual talent, abstract dreams, and beautiful mind of Maynard

Maynard was born in Idaho in 1944, and lived everywhere from Hawaii to New York before he decided to make Colorado Springs his permanent home. He was a self-taught artist who wasn’t afraid of color, and who spent his working years as a welder. This demanding job required so many hours each week that he had to wait until he was able to retire to finally dedicate himself to his passion.

Throughout the years, he drew inspiration from Chinese culture, Mayan history, and his loved ones. He was also influenced by his love of Shakespeare and other artists like Picasso, Rembrandt, and Van Gogh. Maynard’s love of art, combined with his unique intelligence, sent him on a never-ending and excitable quest for growth in his craft. He discovered that he could combine paints with glazes, and fully nerded out over the possibilities until he realized that he could never get a kiln to safely fit into his apartment!

He condensed a lifetime of passion and creativity into about 15 years, joyfully amassing one fantastic piece after another, until his sudden death in 2021. These are his life’s works.

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