Collection: Certain These Clouds Go Somewhere

New Works by Marisa S White

High above the clouds, perspectives blur reality leaving one to quietly sit and ponder the answers of the universe.

I believe the artist's job -- my job -- is to create work that speaks to one another, that forges a connection and reminds us what it means to be human; that we are a soul having a human experience. Our humanity is what unites us together, bringing purpose to our existence, and that we are capable of so much more.

I’ve been working on this series for the last three years, on a quest to find more meaning and purpose in my own life. While spirituality can be a personal practice, using art to bring these experiences to light allows for the start of a conversation, appreciation for different viewpoints, awareness to grow, and a greater sense of connectedness.

The repeated use of clouds and the infinite landscape serve as metaphors for the unknown. I manipulate perspectives and scale to blur reality and touch upon concepts beyond this three-dimensional world. Water and air serve as two different states of matter, symbolizing multiple dimensions visible and invisible to the naked eye. Birds also make appearances due to their ability to live both in the air and on the ground and how they move and transition between the two so effortlessly.

So, as you wander through these pieces and hold time with each piece, I hope it stops and makes you think.

About life. Your place in the universe and your connection to everything.

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