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Brian W. Tryon is a self taught photography and visual artist. A purist, believing that the snap is the final product. Everything you do is in camera. No photoshop or any manipulations. Using photography as a way of self healing, being in the moment, getting out of himself in a healthy way. Escaping through the lens. Shooting the weird; wonderful and spiritual side of life. The purpose of the final result: the photograph is to create emotion, make the viewer feel and to turn on. Portraiture is one of his favorite mediums along with street photography, travel photography and lifestyle photography. Capturing the real emotion of the subjects. Finding lines and textures that are striking To compose a photograph that pleases the eye, and to make to viewer ask questions. While shooting stills, Brian started wondering, how could he transform them into other works of art? He then discovered the process of photo transfer which really inspired him. He began transferring his photos onto reclaimed wood. Starting with an original photograph, He transfers it using a Matte Gel medium onto reclaimed wood or raw panels. Next he embellishes it with a variety of mediums such as aerosol paint, sharpie marker, paint pens, oil, acrylic and latex paint, dyes and stains. Whatever feels right at the moment (or) whatever materials inspires him. Each piece is sealed with Polyurethane. He feels this adds depth and makes the colors very intense. Brian is a Colorado native. He also teaches photography at Community Prep School. Working with at risk youths. Teaching the basics of photography and using the form to express themselves, and, for a healthy escape rather than the unhealthy things they are used to. Brian is on the board of directors of The Pikes Peak Arts Council and works/teaches at The Manitou Art Center.

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