Collection: Becca Day - Sites of Transformation

As an abstract painter, I’m interested in our internal interpretations of reality as it unfolds in sometimes chaotic ways. I seek to make peace with unknowing and uncertainty, both in my everyday life and within the process of painting. I’m always working to find equilibrium and meaning, exploring the myriad of options to find a calm center. For me, the act of painting is a physical practice reflecting this internal process which has been pivotal in my own personal transformation.

This collection of new work is a meditation on transformation. I’m considering the various sites where internal and external transformations occur. I aim to capture the essence of life’s transformations—the sometimes messiness and wrestling involved. My paintings echo the reality that transformations vary in size, shape, and intensity. I paint intuitively, using oil and acrylic paint and gestural mark-making; employing varying thicknesses of paint and many layers. To form a composition, each mark made informs the next in an intuitive evolution of shape and texture making. A composition feels successful to me when I can create organic abstract forms based on ideas that language doesn’t cover, yet somehow feel familiar.

I am inspired by midcentury abstract expressionist painters in the United States such as Lee Krasner, Helen Frankenthaler, and Bernice Bing. Their stories of working to find a new aesthetic voice amid the tensions of their era still feel relevant to me today.

-Becca Day

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