Collection: Badass Paper Dolls

From Inspiring to Scandalous by Mattie O. and Kat Jorstad

Why paper dolls?
This exhibit reflects our shared personal artistic journeys. Over the course of decades, we have been drawn to exploring the varied dimensions of being a woman. As children, playing with paper dolls, new identities could be imagined. This exhibit is a continuation of our imaginings. Mattie explains: “As a tall and skinny teen, I designed and sewed my clothes to have them fit. I soon discovered that I could design a different identity for each wardrobe change, a discovery that winds it’s way through my artwork even today. I mix paper and metal in my sculptures to highlight the paradox of vulnerability and power in each woman. I often flip our common understanding of materials by employing paper as the structural element and metal as the decorative.” Kat explains: “I’ve heard it said that ‘to discover your art, look at what you were drawn to as a child.’ In my artistic awakening, I discovered a dusty, old suitcase of paper dolls that I had packed away years ago. I knew in that discovery that somehow, paper dolls would be the next exploration in my artistic evolution. I had also discovered old fashion magazines from childhood, which I altered to make new statements in this show.” In this exhibit, we boldly embrace “girl’s play” as serious art. We embrace pink. We embrace traditional womens’ craft. We embrace paper dolls to explore the art of being a Badass Woman.

What is a badass woman?
As you view this exhibit, notice women stepping out of the frame, women refusing judgment, women being authentic, women being courageous, women persevering, women creating, women being intuitive, women as warriors, women as mothers, women in the wild. Notice how they are dressed - some to the nines and others barely dressed at all. Finally, notice that all are beautiful.

And, you?
We invite you to remember parts of yourselves that you may have packed away years ago. We encourage you to reflect on how these artworks may awaken those badass parts of you that are longing to be expressed.

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