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view from my bed is an exhibition that is entrenched in the stillness that accompanies pain. Themes of beauty and pain alongside the spiritual and poetic language of the ordinary come out of a time where I was bed-ridden due to a head injury. The spaces of my bed, my room, my house, became my physical world. While the places I inhabited in my mind became the world that I was able to live in while my body couldn’t do that for me. When I was able to open my eyes I would watch the light move across my wall and it would whisper to me lessons of learning from the things that are nuanced and quiet, the small assumed building blocks that are apart of our allowance of breath. I started to be able to know what time of day it was by where the light was on the wall, and how that shifted from season to season. I began to understand that the pain might be situated in my body in this season but in the next it would be situated somewhere else, but that it would always be apart of me. That I was being given the gift of pain so that I might make the choice to become more tender, aware, joyful, and still even when crying. I began to understand vulnerability in a new light...the type where I could not have made it here without the ones around me carrying me... literally. So this show is an attempt to share my gift of seeing through the eyes of a once wounded person in order for you to taste the depth inside the seemingly simple and perhaps give permission to honor the pain that some of you have had/are living with.

-Ashley Andersen

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