Collection: Anchors That Weigh

An exhibit featuring works by Kearston Corey
Anchors That Weigh is an observation about choices. Anchors can be anything that weighs a person down; a relationship, children, mortgage, job, commitments, chores, addiction, this list is endless. We most often love these anchors and the choice to carry them is met with grace and beauty even as they drag us to the depths. An anchor can also be the stability that keeps us grounded during the storms that inevitably come. They are not necessarily bad in and of themselves, just weight. Weight and choice. It’s really about what we are willing to hold onto and what we can let go of so that we can make it to the surface and breath again. As an artist I like to concentrate on individuals which includes both human and animal. Exploring the nuances of an individual is fascinating to me. When I look at animals I see intelligence and spirituality reflected in their eyes. There is depth and thought in their minds. I think about the animals strength, connections to families or packs, environment, and how they personally affect the world. I hope to capture wisdom, nurturing and strength and pair that with a spiritual connection in my work.

Kearston Corey is a primarily self-taught artist who likes to explore human and animal themes. She prefers to focus on the main subject leaving the background undefined. She is currently working with oil paint over mixed media foundations that incorporate metal leaf and exotic plasters as well as occasionally completing pieces worked completely in oil. Kearston has had taken opportunities to study with local and national artists and enjoys attending workshops to observe other artists’ methods and learn new skills. She holds a bachelor's degree in biology from the Colorado State University with an emphasis on wildlife studies. This has given her an in depth understanding of biological morphology and structure that translates into her artwork.

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