Collection: Abundance

A collection of works by Lelia Davis

The creation of this series was an act of self-compassion. I painted bold, joyous landscapes as a way to brighten my spirit within. In doing so, I was reminded of the abundance that exists in spite our struggles. As the series progressed, so did my resilience, fueled by the brightly painted landscapes slowly filling my studio; a menagerie of hope. It was fortified by the love of those around me, bound by mutual trust, support and love.

Abundance is synonymous with gratitude. It is the light to our darkness, and the fullness to our scarcity. Yet it is always present, even when we feel trapped in the latter. It became the catalyst I needed to paint the abundance I would have otherwise overlooked. Forests at the water’s edge became gilded with hope. I noticed the sunlit warmth peeking through a mossy, verdant landscape on my favorite trail. I witnessed the mountains in the Cañon begging for attention by illuminating themselves over and over again. These everyday reminders of abundance are always present. An open heart makes them evident.

“What blooms from beautiful seeds of thought becomes a symphony of colorful abundance.”
-Jazz Feylynn

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