Collection: A Journey Within

New Works by Suz Stovall

“I have done a lot of reflecting on this art journey that I have been on since childhood. I was always a colorist.. Having fun with color, always painting from a joyful heart. Now, I realize that I am painting in a different way. This body of work has evolved. There is more of my presence and spirituality in the work. I am working more from a personal space. Painting more what I feel, not what I see.. There are parts of me in this work. my thoughts, emotions, and passion. There is a story behind each painting. My hope is that the viewer will find their own story.”


Suz is a University-trained artist, having studied graphics and painting at the University of Memphis. As a full-time studio artist, she is an award-winning ceramicist and painter, winning numerous awards in some of the most prestigious shows. She now resides in Colorado Springs spending almost every day in her studio, painting.

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