Collection: Sean O'Meallie - Small Batch Book Making from the Wood Book Encyclopedia Factory near Downtown Colorado Springs

I make colorful wood sculptures with the intention of the sculpture’s intrinsic playfulness and allure.

I’m recontextualizing some ideas about books.  

I wanted to comment on Gun Mania in the USA. These are 25 unique handmade wood gun sculptures each with a springs loaded bullet and all crammed in a cookie jar with a ten cent price sticker.  The bullet can be pushed back into the gun, but it pops back out.  The bullet never leaves the gun.  It's a non-lethal gun play at a very attractive price.

Sean O’Meallie is from New Orleans, Louisiana but has lived in near the base of Pikes Peak for almost 50 years. He has a background in higher education and toy invention, and though he produces large-scale public works on occasion, he prefers making small one-of-a-kind works usually in painted wood in his home studio where he plays with existentialist dread and human comedy to popular effect using what he learned in the toy business and that one semester as a Psych major.