Collection: Brett Fox - Cuba (In Dub)

This is the first time I have exhibited the photographs from my Cuba experience in 2018. Although it is futile to try and put a finger on the culture in Cuba, I feel I have at least gained an understanding of what the images mean to me through countless experiments in my studio. Experiments which lead to juxtapositions using gel medium transfers, transparency film, oil and spray paint, along with some found objects. After months of deliberating I felt it better to present the photos by creating “something new out of something old.” A skill that is key to survival in Cuba and is the key element to Dub Reggae music, a genre that was created in the 1970's on an Island not too far away from Cuba. Trial + error = Process.

Gel transfers and mixed media on canvas. All photos are from my time in Cuba in 2018. Never before shown work that highlights the colors and scenes of life in Cuba altered to create mood and rhythm throughout the nontraditional use of gel medium. I am a Denver based photographer that is fascinated with continuously exploring how to further manipulate mood and feeling through unique and alternative processes to achieve a one-of-a-kind final work of art.

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